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Pricing and Terms & Conditions

The price for tuition is currently £30 per hour or part thereof. You may choose to pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly via PayPal, bank transfer or cash.  

This is to be paid at the time of tuition or in advance.

I do not operate on a 'lesson now, pay later' basis.

Cancellation Policy

As you may or may not be aware, teaching is not a hobby for me but it is my main source of income, therefore I must protect it. As a private music tutor, I have drawn up a contract with these policies in place. Should you begin lessons with me, a copy of these terms and conditions will be given/emailed to you to sign. 
Cancellations will not be charged for provided I receive at least 48 hours notice.


The only exception is due to illness. If you are sick or suffer an accident and can contact me at least 4 hours before any tuition lesson is arranged, you will not be charged or you will be eligible for a refund if paid in advance.


If I am given less than 4 hours notice, I must charge for the lesson but I am willing to reschedule the missed lesson to another day/time that is convenient to both of us. If no time or date can be arranged, then the lesson fee is still required

This policy is in place to try and protect my schedule and income. I am aware it isn’t someone’s fault if they become ill just before a lesson but it is also not my fault. To make things as fair as possible, I will always offer to make up the lesson provided a suitable time and date is available. 

In the event I need to cancel your lesson unexpectedly no fee is required. If you have already paid a full refund will be issued. If you would rather reschedule your lesson, I will of course try to accommodate you. 

I do hope you appreciate that this policy is essential if I am to continue providing you with affordable fun piano lessons. 


Vacations and Christmas 

If you have any holidays booked and you have set up a direct debit or standing order, the easiest way is to leave the payment in place and, provided you give me the minimum 48 hours notice, I will refund you for the missed lessons.
I don’t run lessons from 24th December to 2nd January. As with planned holidays, I will refund any lessons during this time if you leave your regular direct debit/standing order payment in place.

Severe Weather

If you attend lessons physically and severe weather prevents your attendance or if harsh weather affects the internet signal, I cannot provide a refund but will offer the lesson at a later date that is convenient for both of us.

If attending tuition in person, all vehicles parked on the property are done so at the owners' risk. Caister Music Tuition is not liable for loss or damage to personal property or injury when physically attending lessons.

Final note: you are booking my time as well as my tuition.

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